Here is a roster of curricular and extra-curricular projects I have been involved in lately:

Below are samples of lessons I wrote and taught in various grade levels and settings during student teaching.  The variety of lesson plans reflect the multiple planning and organizational styles I have tested.   Currently, I plan lessons firmly based on the Common Core State Standards, using district-provided curriculum tools that I enhance to my own style and my kids' needs.

3rd Grade, Reading Lesson - A concept/comprehension activity based on familiar text

5th Grade, Writing Lesson - Incorporates writing, character ed, technology and music
Click Here To See A Video Clip Of This Lesson (allow a few minutes for's worth the wait)

5th Grade, Science Lesson - A group activity exploring motion of objects

6th Grade, Science Lessons - Two lessons from a unit on the water cycle written using the 5-E model

I am very interested in curriculum mapping to create the most logical and beneficial learning experiences.  Below is a sample curriculum map I've created based on the 7th Grade Frameworks as interpreted by Perry Public Schools in Perry, Michigan.

7th Grade Curriculum Map

Here is a product and game I created to engage students in math.

Multi-Purpose Math Activity Boards

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 Updated November 8, 2015

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