Letters of Recommendation Academic Evaluations
Letters from Educators

Dr. Johnny Scott
Superintendent, Holt Public Schools
2013 U.S.D.E. Fellowship Recommendation
2009 Grad School Entrance Recommendation

Nancy Theis
MTSS Coordinator, Ingham ISD
2013 U.S.D.E. Fellowship Recommendation

Dr. Ronald J. O'Hara

Principal, Troy Union Elementary

Denice Pysh, MAT
Cooperating Teacher, Troy Union Elementary

Tom Jager, Retired Principal (Fraser School District)
Oakland University Student Teaching Supervisor

Joyce Wiencek
, Ph.D.
Professer of Reading, Oakland University
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Michigan State University Diploma
Michigan State University Transcript

Oakland University Diploma

Oakland University Final Transcripts
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Michigan Administrator's Certificate
Michigan Professional Teaching Certificate

Letters from Students

Golden Key International Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

Letters from Parents of Students

Additional Recommendations

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