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Bitesize Science
This is a great site that offers experiments and practice with two of our science units (States of Matter & Earth Materials).  There are also some fun math and language arts practice games here!

Moon Phases
The U.S. Navy has a site showing the phases of Earth's moon.

BBC Games
More science games, videos and applets from the British Broadcasting Company.

Got time to kill?  Watch some of the neatest science documentaries ever produced
by PBS, on NOVA.

AAAS Science Netlinks
The American Association for the Advancement of Science has lesson plans, science club ideas and projects, a calendar with important dates in science history, and the latest science news.

Federal Education Resources

The federal government is consitutionally not relevant to local public education, but they put together a wealth of science and math resources offered for free.

Planet Quest
NASA  offers images from the Hubble Space Telescope with simulators and games to play and learn about planets.

AAA Math
This is a math practice site that is a little harder to navigate, but it has some great practice skills at grade level.  It's like doing worksheets online!

Study Island
This site is used by all Holt Public School elementary school technology teachers.  Students use it weekly and can log in to practice different content area skills.

Really fun games using basic math skills for that practice we need to reach automaticity!

Dr. Math
Drexel University maintains this site with a bevy of math questions and explanations, like mini-lessons from a teacher to give you more than one way to understand a concept or operation.

Parent "New Math" Training - February 2010
This is an MP4 recording of a parent seminar I led in February 2010 teaching parents how to do the algorithms and the reasons why we are teaching these new methods, to keep children from being confused.  If the recording is helpful, please ask me for a handout from this session that's even more helpful or let's schedule an appointment to walk through the math together!

Dad's Worksheets
I wish I was the dad who created a ton of skills-practice worksheets and posted them online for free!  Check out this awesome site to get all the remedial and/or teaching practice you need at home, over the summer, and you may see these in school from time to time.
It is worth the free account to give your kids an interactive module of drill-and-kill in operations.  Kids need better whole number automaticity and this site provides plenty of fun practice.

The Kahn Academy
The Kahn Academy has a collection of nearly 3,000 instructional videos teaching concepts in math, science, finance, and...history!

IXL Math
This site is full of math practice exercises at all elementary grade levels.  It was recommended to me by students in Mrs. Fowler's 4th grade classroom from .  Her students found my cool links page as they worked on a research project and emailed to see if I would actually add a link to my page.  That is what authentic learning and Sutterlearn is all about!  Thank you for making better Mrs. Fowler's class!

Social Studies
Biography 4 Kids
Here is a good site with biographical coverage of many important people.

Ben's Guide
Here you will find some social studies games that you can print and play online, created and hosted by the United States dollars at work.  Have fun, because you OWN these games!

This is a really cool site that has all of our classroom spelling lists loaded to play a much larger variety of games, tests, and teaching activities.   To find our lists, Click on "Find a List", then type in my name: Walt Sutterlin and off you go!

Students register for free, read books, take quizzes and earn points for cool prizes they can pick!

Fourth Grade Skills Site
This site has just about everything from grammar to math for fourth graders.  A few clicks away and you can find other grades.
A fun vocabulary challenge that actually earns food for the hungry thanks to the United Nations!

Newton Writing
This is a decent site published by a district in Newton, Kansas.  There are some good activities for practicing grammar/mechanic skills.

Mrs. Freed's Technology Site
Mrs. Freed is our former technology teacher and now one of my fellow fourth-grade teachers.  She has created a nice site with cool links to verified-safe applications that kids can use online for learning and fun!

Classroom Blog
This is the link to our classroom blog for students to interact online.  It is password protected so only our team can participate, but you still never share any personal information on the Internet!


Steve Seskin is the most inspirational songwriter I know.  I listen to his music when I'm having a bad day and he always reminds me of the good in the world.  I use a number of his songs and philosophy in my teaching.

Robin and Linda Williams are a country/folk duo I've followed since childhood.  Their harmonies cut to my soul and their melodies always make me want to sing.

If you're fond of island and lowlands living or you simply have impeccable taste in art, you will delight in the creations of master craftsman Chase Allen.  Chase is my very best friend in the world and has a unique story and life.  Read about him on this site and consider decorating with one of his pieces!

Playing For Change is an organization that I have supported since stumbling across a viral video of Grandpa Elliot in November 2008.  The group records musicians across the world, then edits those videos together to make musical compilations that will knock your socks off as they pull your heart onto your sleeve.  Funds they raise go to support music education and children throughout the world. In June 2009, I traveled to New Orleans to find the street singer who attracted me to this organization, Grandpa Elliott. Unfortunately, he was on tour with PFC that week and not in New Orleans, but a local shopkeeper took my number and within a few weeks, I received a call from Grandpa himself.  He has since agreed to join our classroom via phone to talk with our kids about music, peace and the world beyond ourselves.  

Click here to see a gallery of my experience at the PFC concert in November 2009.

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