Dimondale Elementary, 3rd Grade

This year began in August when the team (both classes) met to set up the classrooms before the year started...no one brought a camera! However we had a glorious learning experience across the street on the Grand River in early October.  The weather turned and with lots of parents, experts, and teacher help, we had a great science day on, and in, the river!

Of course, our annual Halloween parade and party was thrilling...especially the reverse bobbing for doughnuts!


On a cold Friday in March, we used funding from an HEF grant to combine health, science, literacy, and math lessons during the week and get the experience of cooking soup!  Each student received a copy of the book Cooking's Cool in the Winter and the delicious soup we created (after we tasted lots of it) was delivered to the local Ronald McDonald House in Lansing.  A week later we had a visit from the RMH Executive Director, Lisa Gnass, to tell us how our soup helped others.  Check this video of our day cooking!

Kids Cook 2011.

Annie's Big Nature Lesson 2011 - April 2011

I Felt Annie There - Studio Version

Better Man - Impromptu Studio Version

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 Updated June 1, 2011

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