Dimondale Elementary, 4th Grade  

This year began the week before school started with most of the team gathering to pull weeds and help start a butterfly garden in the DODC (Dimondale Outdoor Discovery Center).  

The message for the team was that this year would be different and better than any other year of school...it would be their Best Year Ever!  Pulling weeds was a metaphor for how we can make our corner of the world better.  Even if no one notices our best effort, we know we did something to improve the world!

"If nobody knows, the way I feel, that's alright...that's okay...I'm going to make my world a better place."
-'Keb 'Mo

Two weeks into school, our original team of 18 grew to 27, but because the team was growing so strong, it was not a problem and our team became stronger!  Here are some of our little "monsters" at the Halloween party.

Dr. Scott's Annual Picture  

Click here to view news coverage of our team's Peace Project Service Day at the Village Summit!

Click on the links below to view videos from this year's class:
Winter Open House - Team Singing "Better Man"

Winter Open House - Team Singing "Moonshadow"

Winter Open House - Mr. Sutterlin's Class doing the "Line Dance"

Our Year of Changing the World - 2010

Spring Open House Singing

Slideshow by Mrs. Weise

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