Mr. Sutterlin's Internship Gallery  

6th Grade Science - Making A Volcano

7th Grade Science  - Testing Soil Porosity

3rd Grade Reading First - Guided Reading

5th Grade - Final Day of Student Teaching

5th Grade Geometry - Dodecahedron Pumpkins

5th Grade Excel Math - Daily Checking Ritual

5th Grade Math - Using a Compass

6th Grade Science - Volcano Anatomy Worksheets

5th Grade - First Bulletin Board

King of WFTD (Word For The Day)

"If every person can tell me one different fact about Colonial Williamsburg, I'll wear a bonnet and cape!"  (I lost.)

Halloween Party - Mr. Sutterlin sports a mullet!

Halloween Party - 5th Grade Class Picture

Nutrition Science Unit - Progressive Bulletin Board

Teach.  If you must, use words.

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 Updated July 24, 2007

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